Hot Tub Spa Booster Seat

$590.00 $550.00


This adjustable booster Jacuzzi seat is perfect booster seat for kids, shorter adults or if you are using your phone whislt soaking in the spa.

The PureSpa hottub seat allows you to sit comfortably in the spa, raising a person’s height with two different height options.

The seat is the heaviest of the ones we tried (5 kg !) it stayed in place perfectly throughout all the wriggling we could try in our test soaks. The seat is desgined with a contoured shape for added confort.

Ideal for Mspa hot tubs it will not damage the spa liner.

  • Strudy comfortable core – great for aquatic exercise.
  • The Seat will sink immediatly, it will not float!
  • Two adjustable height 15cm & 7.5 cm.
  • Removable for convenience and slip resistant
  • Rugged and able to withstand extended continious underwater use.
  • Maximum load capacity: 292 lbs (132 kg).


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