Water Test Strip, 50 Pcs, Test , Bromine, PH, Alkalinity Etc (in-stock)



6-in-1 swimming pool test paper Residual chlorine PH value Alkalinity Hardness test strip A bottle of 50


6-in-1 spa water test strips.

Test free chlorine, bromine, pH, total alkalinity, total hardness and cyanuric acid.


Type: swimming pool SPA test strip

Test: TC, CL, PH, ALK, CYA, TH

Quantity: 50 / bottle

Test Range:

Total chlorine test range: 0~10ppm

Free chlorine test range: 0~10ppm

PH test range: 6.8~8.4

Total alkalinity test range: 0~240ppm

Total hardness test range: 0~1000

Cyanuric acid test range: 0~240