Mspa Tuscany Spa (backorder)


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Entry level rigid Spa. pre-order only.

118  AirJets

Featuring 118 Airjets, the MSpa Tuscany Bubble Spa supplies your Hot Tub experience with a wave of bubbles that provide you with a weightlessness sensation! Complete with a variable-speed blower, you can adjust the level that your airjets operate at – whether you want them stronger or lighter, you can personalise your experience from 3 modes to choose from. Comfort is maximised with cushioned seats on the base of the spa along with a solid interior liner.

2020 All-in-One Control Panel

The MSpa Tuscany Bubble Spa carries the latest 2020 all-in-one control panel. Choose from bubble modes to heating temperature right at your fingertips which an easy to use friendly display panel.

6-Layer PVC Liner

Internally the MSpa Tuscany Premium Bubble Spa has a 6-layer, reinforced, PVC liner which provides resistance and strength from wear and tear. Externally, the classic wood effect brings a certain warming, homely-feel to your inflatable Hot Tub, as well as superb strength and stability.

Retain Heat & Save Energy

For heat insulation, the top lid easily clicks into the safety insert buckle on the side wall. This assists with heat preservation (saving you money) as well as helping to avoid children tampering with the spa or accessing the water unsupervised. On the underside of the MSpa Tuscany Premium Bubble Spa, upgraded heat preservation mats insulate the inflatable Hot Tub and prevent heat escape through the base of the spa.